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Savings (TISUNGE)

This is the next level savings which provides account holders with the convenience of an IZB Visa Chip & Pin Debit Card.

WEF: 12.02.2018     
Sr.No. Product Name Savings (TISUNGE)
1 Target Group Individual and Joint Account holders
2 Account Opening Requirement KYC requirement as stipulated
3 Type of Account Savings
4 Rate of Interest NIL
5 Minimum Balance Reqrmt K100/-
6 Minimum Balance Charge K25/-
7 Cheque Book charge NA
8 Cash Withdrawals with withdrawal slip in a cheque issued account NA
9 SMS Alert Free
10 Internet Banking NA
11 Monthly Statement On the ATM facility
12 Duplicate/Interim Statement K50/- per page
13 Transaction Fee Free
14 E-statement NA
15 Issuance of Deposit Book K30/- per book
17 IZB ATMs Cash Withdrawals-K6/-
Balance Enquiry-Free
Mini Stmnts – K3/-
16 Other Bank’s VISA enabled ATMS in
Cash Withdrawal -K12/-
Balance Enquiry –
K 3/-
18 Other Banks VISA enabled ATMs (abroad) Cash Withdrawal – K25/-
Balance Enquiry – K10/-
19 Visa Dispute Fee $40
20 ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit per day (at IZB ATM / other ATM) K5,000 per day (subject to balance available in account)
21 Purchase transaction Limit per day K10,000 per day (subject to bal available in a/c)
22 Online Payment Limit per day K3,000 per day (subject to bal available in a/c)
23   Return of cheques   NA
24 Stop Payment Instructions NA

Remittances (Kwacha) (a) Banker’s cheque (b) Cancellation of Banker’s cheque (c) Issuance of duplicate Banker’s cheques in lieu of lost cheque (d) Cancelling of lost Banker’s cheque ii) Other remittances a) Within IZB branches b) Other Banks (RTGS) iii) DDACC iv) Transfer of funds on closure of account K 100/- plus VAT K 50/- K 75/- K 100/- Free
K 40/- per transaction K25/- per transaction K 50/- per transfer
Balance confirmation charges K150/- per certificate
Authentication/ Authorisation/ Verification of other documents K50/- per document for confirmation/ authorization /verification of documents
Standing Order Charges i) Setting up charges ii) Processing (internal) intra-bank iii) Processing (external) Inter-bank iv) Amendment K50/- K20/- per transaction K40/- per transaction K50/- per transaction
Dormant Account Free
Reactivation of Account (only if closed within last 6 months) Free
Photocopies at customer’s request K 10/- per page
ZRA Online Tax Payment K25/- per certificate