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IZB-SMS ( SMS-Alerts)

IZB-SMS: SMS Alert facility to Our Customers

  • provides instant notification about your transactions as and when it happens
  • helps you to keep a watch on your account with a round the clock service
  • Now, with SMS Alert service, you are always in a position to detect unauthorized access to your account.

IZB-SMS:Application Form

IZB-SMS:Features & FAQs

SMS –Banking:

  • Bank’s SMS Banking provides enquiry-based services to its esteemed customers who are already registered. The service is cost-effective, convenient and available 24x7.

Salient features :

  • It provides services like Balance, Mini statement or status of a cheque.
  • Customers having their mobile number already registered can avail this service, no separate registration is required.
  • Customers of our Bank can avail the services by sending SMS from their registered mobile number on 0978 123 123 with message as under.
  • Charge will be applicable for this service for each SMS sent by the customer as per the customer’s tariff plan for SMS from Telecom Operators
Enquiry SMS Text from your Registered Mobile Message Format
Balance Enquiry BAL Last 4 digit of account number
(e.g. if account number is 0014010001234 type:

BAL 1234

and send text at 0978 123 123)
As on 30/05/14 11:33:11 Clear Bal
in your a/c. XXXX1234 K 2345.53.
Mini Statement 
(Last 3 Transactions)
MIN Last 4 digit of account number
(e.g. if account number is 0014010001234 type:

MIN 1234

and send text at 0978 123 123)
Mini Stmt of A/c XXXX1234
  1. 22-05-2014:100 Dr
  2. 22-05-2014:1000Cr
  3. 21-05-2014:500 Dr
Clear Bal K 2345.53- as on 30/05/2014 11:47:30.
Cheque Status CHQ<space> Last 4 digit of account number <space> Cheque No. (e.g. if account number is 0014010001234 and cheque number is 006789 type:

Chq 1234 00123

and send text at 0978 123 123)
Your Cheque (00123) has been paid.