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Self Helf Group


Financing Self Help Groups formed by poor people/vulnerable sections of the society

In line with our brand promise; 'Supporting you, Developing Zambia', our Micro Credit Programme Through Self Help Groups is offered to achieve the following objectives:

  • To encourage financial inclusion and access to various banking and financial products and services for the economically challenged sectors of our society;
  • To encourage people to function in groups;
  • To encourage banking activities particularly savings and credit;
  • To evolve supplementary credit strategy for reaching the economically challenged;
  • To educate proper utilization of money;
  • To encourage sharing of economic skills.

Quantum of Finance

  • Linked with group savings and other parameters of group financing

Benefits of the SHG Credit Scheme:

  • No management fees on the group's savings account
  • Concessional rate of interst on credit facilities;
  • Quick processing time;
  • Flexible pepayment period;
  • No collateral, guarantee or margin required


  • Any voluntary association of people formed to attain a common economic goal on collective basis at community level;
  • The group should have between 10–20 members;
  • The group must be formal (registered with the registrar of societies);
  • The group should encourage group savings from its members.

Types of Credit Facilities Available:

  • The group should encourage group savings from its members.
  • Overdraft facilities for working capital.
  • Composite loans

Interest Rate

  • BOZ Policy Rate plus margin 

Repayment Period

  • Maximum 12 months


  • No collateral security, guarantee nor contribution/margin is required

Please contact your nearest, branch for further details