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VISA Debit Cards

banner  Issuance of “IZB Visa International Chip Card”

  1. IZB Visa debit card will be issued to Savings account holders/Current accounts (only for individual and proprietorship concern)
  2. Charges *

Sr. No. Particulars Particulars Amount
 (ZMW Account Holders)
Particulars Amount 
(USD Account Holders)
1 Issuance Charge K 50 $10.00
2 Monthly Fee K 10 $2.00
3 Duplicate card Charge K 50 $10.00
4 Duplicate Pin Mailer K 20 $4.00
1 IZB ATM Cash Withdrawal K 4 $1.00
2 Balance Enquiry Free Free
3 Mini Statement K 2 $0.50
4 Cash at Other Bank ATM K 10 $2.00
5 Balance Enquiry at Other Bank ATM K3 $1.00
1 Cash Withdrawal K 25 $5.00
2 Balance Enquiry K 10 $2.00
Visa Debit Card Daily Limits (ZMW equivalent)*
1 Cash Withdrawal                                                                                                                               5,000.00
2 POS Transactions                                                                                                                             10,000.00
3 Online Shopping                                                                                                                               3,000.00

banner  Issuance of VISA card to existing ATM Card Holders

  1. Existing ATM card-holders can avail VISA International debit card facility, by submitting specific written request to concerned branch.
  2. New VISA International debit card and the pin mailer (along with the terms and conditions) will be sent to the Customer’s Branch, as per the existing delivery system followed for the present ATM cards.
  3. The new VISA International Debit Card will get activated once the customer does the first transactions through any Visa POS/ ATMs. On Activation of VISA International Debit Cards the existing ATM card will get deactivated.
  4. On activation of VISA International debit card, the customer will be abided by the terms and conditions of the VISA debit card.
  5. It is not mandatory to the existing card-holders to migrate to the VISA International debit card. They can continue with the existing ATM card, which can only be used to draw cash from IZB ATMs.
  6. The existing account holder who is not having IZB ATM card facility can also avail VISA International debit card on the above lines

banner  Contact Us:

  1. If your Debit Card gets stolen/lost
  2. If your card does not function and you need a replacement card
  3. To report dispute/unauthorised transactions
  4. To generate a new PIN.

Please call our Customer Care Number +260-211-234606, or send us an e-mail at

*Subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Bank.