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banner  VISA Debit Cards

IZB Visa Debit Card (enabled with Chip & PIN)

Access to over 29,000,000 point of sale terminals and over 1,600,000 ATMs worldwide

bannerYour IZB Debit Card that now brings you unmatched features:

  1. Valid in Zambia and overseas
  2. Virtually temper-proof Chip
  3. Pay for anything from eating out with family to a vacation abroad
  4. Shop and book your travel tickets online
  5. Pay your utility bills at go
  6. Withdraw cash all around the world

bannerYour IZB Debit Card offers enhanced security with Chip & PIN

IZB Visa debit card is secured by a 4 digit PIN for transactions at retail outlets, and at ATMs, which make the card secure from any fraudulent usage.


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