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Treasury Operations
  1. Indo Zambia Bank provides its customers with short and term deposits in Zambian Kwacha and a range of foreign currencies at attractive interest rates.
  2. Additionally, customers have the option to Invest in Government securities - Treasury Bills & GRZ Bonds, both through non competitive bidding i.e. off-tender and thru competitive bidding..
  3. Customers who wish to invest in Government securities can submit their applications to their base branch. The balance in the current / savings account will be earmarked for this purpose.
  4. On successful bidding (in case of competitive bidding), the Bank will issue award letter to the customer giving details of the investments.
  5. Any income earned on investment will be subject to the deduction of Withholding tax & Medical Levy, etc. as per the prevalent Government guidelines.
  6. The Bank also offers to buy or sell the Government securities before its maturity at competitive price, at the discretion of the bank.

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