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International Banking

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At Indo Zambia Bank we tap into global presence of our shareholding banks to make your foreign business swift.

banner  We offer a wide range of foreign business services which include:

  1. Forex dealing offered at competitive exchange rates;
  2. Foreign Currency Accounts in US$, Pound Sterling £, Rand and Euro €;
  3. Issuance of Demand Drafts in currencies vis-à-vis, US$, Pound Sterling £,
  4. Rand including Rupee drafts drawn on major cities across India;
  5. Remittance facilities through swift in various currencies; Click For Download
  6. Establishing/Handling Import/Export Letters of Credit;
  7. Handling/Export Bills and foreign cheques.
  8. Tailor made Forex Derivatives to suit the customer's needs – i.e.
    Forward Sale Contracts/Forward Purchase Contracts;

For more information visit any of our branches and get advice from the Customer Care Advisor.

bannerApproved Dealers in Foreign Exchange in all approved currencies

  1. Sale & Purchase of Funds in Foreign Currencies
  2. Forex Products (Forward contracts, Options, Swaps)


Foreign Currency Deposits in US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Rand & Euro

Forex Deposit Rates

bannerForex Services:

  1. Handling of exports/imports
  2. Issuance of Letter of Credit & Foreign Currency Guarantees
  3. Handling of Collection Bills
  4. International remittances through Swift in various currencies
  5. Rupee Transfers to India